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Why do we need to clean our emails?

In today time when almost all the businesses have been shifted over internet or online, Emailing has emerged as a fast and cheap medium for promoting your product or services.

You will get the best business if your email list will be verified and clean. If you will send unverified emails in bulk then this will impact your business as well as your website reputation.

And if you use the third party or purchased email list then this could often create the situation of SMTP or account suspension or IP blacklisting.

Why should you use EmailQuickFix for cleaning your emails?.

This is very simple and cheapest service in the market as you can compare our pricing with other service providers. We also provide a wide range of email cleaning plan which can save your money and email from unnecessary waste and you will not need to purchase a big plan for cleaning a small email list.

There is no subscription basis for our service you just to purchase the plan and use when your credits are finished then purchase again. This will save you from automatic payment deduction, account cancel, duplicate payments as we also don’t store any of your payment information like credit card details.

How exactly does EmailQuickFix list cleaning systems works?

You will find it very simple to clean your email list with EmailQuickFix. Just purchase your plan, upload your email list and clean your list. You can then download the clean list and can start sending emails.

Is there any limit to clean the email list?

In your account portal, you can clean only 5000 emails. And if you need to clean more than 5000 emails then you can send us your Email CSV and we will clean your email list at our end and will send your cleaned list within 24-48 hours depends on the size of your email list.

How much time will it take for cleaning email lists?

for 5000 emails it takes approx. 30 minutes for rest this will depend on your email list size. For list size of 100000 – 200000 emails this can take 24-48 hours maximum.

In which format I need to upload the email list?

You will need to upload the email list in CSV format.

IS it safe to make payment at this site?

Don’t worry! our website is secured by SSL(one click alpha certificate) with some additional security wall, your whole information will be encrypted throughout the process.

Can I carry forward my existing email credit in a case when I upgrade or purchase new credit?

Yes, your unused email credit will be safe and will also be added to your account credit if you purchase any further plan. So Your purchased credit will never be wasted at any cost. There is no validity period to use your credit you can use them anytime, They will be retained in your account until you use them to clean your emails. 

What is refund policy?

A partial refund will be applicable after reviewing the case and usage and will be processed within 48 hours, In a case of no use of our service a full refund will be provided from our end. you need to claim for refund within 5 days of purchase else refund will not be applicable. 

What are the payment options available to buy the product?

Standard Paypal Checkout is our primary payment gateway where you can pay with your PayPal account, credit card, debit card. You can also pay directly to the bank account if needed in a case when you are unable to pay with the above-given options.