Free Email List Cleaning

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In this blog post, I am going to let you know a few facts about the email list cleaning services and free email cleaning services.

Email list cleaning is a process where bad and old email are eliminated from your email list.

As there are many email list cleaning services are running over the internet, few are cheaper and few are costly.


Here should be one question in your mind that what will happen if I don’t clean my email list before sending my email campaign?

It takes nothing to upload the email list in your ESP and just fire the email campaign to all the list contacts but the main problems start arriving just after your email campaign send.

You start with bulk spam and bounce and your SMTP get suspended immediately.

your SMTP and ESP account got disable or kept under review.

So now your all campaigns which you have prepared to send got stuck till you resolve this issue.

You lose your business and important communication with your customer which you were supposed to have with the help of your email campaign.

And you will have nothing to do except sending the email to your ESP support team or SMTP support team. there are very less chance to reactivate your SMTP.

Or you can choose another ESP to send your email campaign, but you will again face the same problem if you do not clean your email list.

So this is the main reason that you should always prefer the email cleaning with the help of email list cleaner before launching your email campaign.

Is there any free email list cleaner?

Yes, there are many email cleaner which allows you to check and clean your email.

Most email checker software will allow you to verify one email at a time for free of cost however they also have daily or hourly limit over this email checking.

EmailQuickFix allows you to verify your email list for free of cost where you can check for 100 contacts. And if you want to verify more contacts then you can see the pricing which is really very cheap in comparison with other email list cleaning services.

They also provide the facility for downloading the result in a CSV file.

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