5 Cheapest Email Verification Service 2019

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In this blog post, I am going to let you know about the 5 cheapest email verification service which may be your best choice to clean your email list for better email marketing results.

If you are an email marketer or online business runner then you may or may not be aware with an email verification process.

This has been a very essential part while sending the email campaign to remove all the bad emails from our email list.
Thus we get less spam and bounce emails. This also saves us from the SMTP suspension at the very first time.

There is various online email verification service in the market which can help you in cleaning your emails and then you can get a good email delivery rate to your customer which directly effects your email open rate.

See there are two important segments in the email marketing which are given below.

Email delivery

Email in inbox

So I talk about the first one which is email delivery. this is completely dependent on the reputation of an email address.

Your email content would not have any effect over this. the important factor will be ’email’ ‘domain’ and it will be followed by MX record, the syntax of email.

And the other segment is the disposable and temporary email address which can affect the email reputation. these addresses are generally created for a short period of time like for access the site content and etc.

And after some time these addresses are not in existence but though they are in our system or email list then they will be fired while we sent the email campaign to this list having disposable or temporary email address lastly they turned into either spam or bounce email.

And the second one which is email in the inbox will be dependent on the content and layout of your email. In a broader way, we can say that email body including your subject and content body will majorly decide whether your email should go in the inbox or not. However, we can not claim anything 100% here.

And the remaining kind of unwanted email could be duplicate emails and role back email address which has an indirect impact over our email open rate while using the ESP.

Duplicate emails can increase your email count and thus directly affects your cost of email sending. And if ESP is not removing the duplicate email before sending the email address then your email could be delivered twice which does create a good impact for our business and can create a customer dissatisfaction which can further turn into potential customer loss.

And the rollback email address is those email address which represents a group or union so it is no chance to get a back response with as such email address while we are advertising our product or service.

How these bad email address affects our email marketing and needed an email verification pass?

As most of the ESP(email service provider) has a passing limit of bounce and spam email each time when you send the email campaign. 4-5% is the average standard for all. but if you cross this limit then they will immediately suspend your SMTP and you will not be able to send the email anymore. And it is also very difficult to reinitiate your SMTP as you have to follow a tough and loyal procedure for that.

So here you get the loss of your business as well as the money that was spent in purchasing the ESP plan.

And sometimes theme ESP block your account so that you can’t create another account in the same ESP which is either tracked by email address or IP. However, you can manage to reopen your account but the problem will be the same that how can you protect yourself from this kind of situation.

How can you reduce the chance of SMTP suspension or getting high spam and bounce?

Email verification is the best and important procedure to get rid of this situation.

Now the question in your mind would be which email verification service you should use for cleaning your email list?

Don’t worry! I am listing below the five cheapest email verification providers.

Comparison of Cheap Email Verification Service

EmailQuickFix Email Verification Service$65
InkThemes Email Verification Service$159
MailGet List Cleaning$159
Pabbly Email List Cleaning$165
Email Checker List Cleaning$299


There are various email verification service has been launched in the market which you can use for cleaning your email list. But on the basis of analysis and use, we conclude the five best and cheap email verification service for you which could be an optimal solution in order to clean your email address list or email verification.

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