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In this blog post, I will let you know about the cheapest email verification service. but before going into depth I just want to clarify a few questions which would be a great help to those users who are not aware of this email cleaning service or process at all.

What is email verification service?

Email verification service is a simple process where bad emails are removed from your email list. Bad emails have a broad category like disposable and temporary email addresses.

Is it really necessary to clean our email address list using a standard email verification service and if so then why?

Yes, this is just to clear or clean your email list especially when you are about to fire your email campaign on the same list. otherwise, you would need to pay your SMTP suspension due to your high spam and bounce email rate. Ultimately the email verification is must before sending the email campaign.

When do we need email verification? do we also need to clean our own subscribed email list?

See there could be two scenarios where we need email verificatoin, one is you have own subscribed list and other is you have a third party or purchased email list. I am explaining both the scene below.

Own subscribed list:

You can not be 100% sure that all the emails in your subscribed list are cleaned and active email address. Because lots of users try to signup or register with a disposable email address or temporary email address to access your website data and once they are in your system then they can access your website content anytime through their email address does not exist anymore…….

And any email that you will try to send to these email address will be failed and considered either spam or bounce email. So to get rid of these disposable email address you must have email verification of your own subscribe email list before firing any email campaign using ESP.

Purchased Email List:

see a new business person or company does not have more customer or subscriber list so for growing their business they often purchase the third party email list. But they actually do not know how many email address in that list is valid or invalid. It actually contains a large list of emails so it is really tough to see all the email address manually and can conclude about their authenticity.

So it becomes really very necessary to do the email verification of as such  list before sending an email campaign on that list. In these purchase list you can never know how many emails are bad and how many are good you can just clean them with the help of email cleaning software.

In general, a genuine email address is that which have a proper and permanent mailbox to receive emails and can respond to your email. But as temporary and disposable email address also have a mailbox and they can also reply your emails but they exist for a very short period of time and after that, they die does not have any existence in reality.

So we can not say that one-time email verification is enough for getting a cleaned email list. you should always clean your email list before sending the email campaign. Means each time it should be clean before firing the campaign shot.

EmailQuickFix Provide you a complete and cheapest email verification service where you can easily clean your email list can achieve a higher email delivery rate which further affects your email open rate and make your email campaign successful.

It removes all the bad syntax email, disposable email address, temporary email address, role back email address.

It also checks for the MX records and email domain authenticity.

So these all check up is enough to remove a bad email from your list.

EmailQuickFix also cheks up for the blacklist but that is optional and comes under a separate plan if you need to clean blacklist email then you can purchase that plan and we will clean all the blacklist emails.

Why we advise not to check blacklist for your emails using an email verification service?

There are various blacklist agencies or company who are constantly checking for bad emails and listing in their blacklist. If one email is blacklisted in one list then it does not mean that it will be listed in all the blacklist and will be rejected by all the receiving server.

That email will only be discarded from the server which has the same blacklist check which that email is listed in.

See, I have a plan for removing the blacklist email so why will I make my loss by advising you not to clean your blacklist email.

But the reason behind this is that there are many email address whose domain is purchased form shared hosting and they are often come and out of the blacklist because of a shared IP address.

But in actual, they all are not fake and bad email address. They could be blacklisted because of other’s bad activity with their IP address. So these email addresses could be good and if you will check their blacklist status from time to time then you will find that they are sometimes in the blacklist and sometimes not.

So the conclusion is that If you will remove all the blacklist email address then you can lose several good email address that is actually not bad and they can’t be harmful to your business. Still, I kept this optional with a separate plan if anyone is interested to clean their blacklist email then they can purchase the plan for that. this check can reduce bulk potential emails from our email list.

What about the greylist check in email verification?

My opinion would be the same for greylist too. See grey list emails also those emails which are stoped temporary by the SMTP server at the receiving end as they find unknown to them or suspicious and requested to send it again in a certain period of time from the sending server. If sending server sends it again in that time then it is delivered to the recipient and also removed from the greylist.

But if sender server gets down and could not send the email again then that email will be in greylist of that server but the server is genuine so in this case, we will lose a good email address that can be also a potential email for our business.

What about hard bounce and soft bounce email verification? how email verification service identify bounce and spam email?

All the above email verification technique will reduce your hard bounce to a certain extent and for the soft bounces, it is not easy to find out those because you can not generally happen when mailing server or inbox is full or mail server is down. So this is the fact that we can’t identify soft bounce. We can just retry these emails after some interval of time. Generally, most of the ESP provides the facility of fetching the spam and bounce email by setting a webhook point at SMTP and next time stop these emails from sending the email to.

Shall we also check email mailbox before sending the email using an email verification service?

Yes, we can, but this would not be that feasible as for doing this we need to ping mail server again and again and this can cause a rejection response from the mail server or bad response from the mail server and even it can also block our email form pinging it again and again.

And sometimes the mail server can also be down or not working properly. So mail server check would not be a good option while cleaning the email address. And it can also cause a loss of various potential emails from our email list.

It is not good to check for mailbox while your email list is too short say less than 5000 emails. However, EmailsQuickFix provides both the option as in the basic email cleaning plan you can skip this mailbox check whereas in the advance email cleaning there will be a complete email verification including mailbox check.

Every day lots of websites are coming to provide a temporary and disposable email address so how can we check for those email addresses?

Don’t worry about this as this email verification service is always updating our disposable and temporary email database with all newly generated emails from time to time.

What is the best and cheap solution for cleaning all these bad emails from our email list? or cheapest email verification service?

EmailQuickFix is pretty good email verification service in terms of price and support.  Though there are hundreds of email verification service in the market or online which can take you lots of money for the same stuff so this is up to you whether you choose this optimal and cheap solution or you choose other.

EmailQuickFix will clean your email list at the cheapest rate and would provide genuine advice with excellent support.

EmailQuickFix has a vast variety of plan starting from the lowest to highest so that you can choose a plan as per your desire. and you will be charged only for those emails which you clean using our tool.

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at we will get back to you ASAP.

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