Hire Us For Data Entry Work

Hello Everyone, This blog post is specifically for those peoples who are seeking a freelancer who can complete their data entry work at affordable prices quickly.

As we all know that there are various freelancing sites that are working in multiple areas and also provide the freelancers for your work.

But as per my personal experience, hire a data entry freelancer in such sites is a complex process and chain from client to freelancer.

And most of the freelancing sites have the bidding system which might take the time of the week to a month to select the best and cheap freelancer for your work.

So for solving your problem we came up with a very easy and affordable solution for your data entry work.

Here you will not face any time delay before the starting of your work. You just contact us through several media available now like skype, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, live chat at the website.

Just explain your work and provide all the necessary documents for your work. Then we will quickly finish your work and will get back to you as soon as possible.

See we provide you both the option to get your data entry work done. You can purchase our plan for data entry which is available in our shop at the website.

Else you can ask for the quotation and you can also tell us your budget and most probably we will be ready at your defined budget.

So this very simple process, just hire us for your data entry work and get your data entry work done in a very quick time.

For your first project except for any purchase from the shop, we will not ask for any money until your project gets completed.

And if you will not be satisfied with our work then we will be ready to improvise in it as per your dictation.

And still, if you don’t like our work then we will not take any money for your work and you will be free to see another freelancer for your data entry work.

We will only ask for an advance 30% of the money from your second project if you hire us for your second project.

In case you give us a big project then we will always share the work done time to time in between the completion of work.

During your data entry work completion, you are free to contact us any number of time through any media of communication.

When you provide us your data entry work then we will share a personal contact number of the specific worker working on your project.

So you can directly contact him at any point in time and can dictate in case of any update for your data entry project.

You can send us data entry work related to MS Word, Excel, Notepad, Image to word conversion, articles for blogging either technical or non-technical.

You can also send us any type of data entry work, if it is totally different then you can dictate us the process and rest we will complete it as per your guidelines.

So it is very flexible to check our service in your first project. Here you can completely get rid out of the complex bidding systems and can also monitor your project from time to time.

Now, the choice is yours, you are free to make a decision, But we will recommend trying our services once as there will not be any advanced charge for your first project and full assurance of money back in case you are unsatisfied with our work.

You can easily hire us for data entry work by several media, you can chat us with the live chat option at our website EmailQuickFix, you can send us emails, you can contact us by skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

In case of any query regarding this data entry service, you can easily contact us at support@emailquickfix.com. And you can also connect with us at skype – anuragmb